Sea-side recreation at Cape Kolka, Latvia

It’s direct vicinity to Cape Kolka, the air saturated with the smell of the sea and the pinewood forests, all combined with its long history and unique geography, give the township of Kolka itself and the surrounding areas their specific character. For more than ten years now we are offering to our guests to explore, and get to love, starting from here, the most northern part of the province of Courland, and to find relaxation and enjoyment at our seaside.
About Ūši
„At the most beautiful place on earth, at the very edge of Courland, at the crossing point of the „Big Sea“ and the „Small Sea“, between the dunes and conifers and flowers, we happened to find a pearl. A pearl that, undeterred by anything around, lives its own life. Whoever visits here will feel at home.”
                                         Ina and Inese from Ogre

At Ūši you will find the tranquility of the countryside, the sound of the waves breaking at the shore, sunrise and sunset over the sea, the landlady’s warm hospitality and tasty meals, and comfortable, country-style lodging.

You will find, as well, well tended lawns and flowerbeds in summer, unruly winds and forests full of wild berries in fall, during the winter season rows of surprisingly heavy cold weather-fronts, accompanied by deep snow and the sea frozen shut with a solid layer of ice that reaches out to the horizon, and during springtime never-ending masses of migrating birds underway to their summer destinations in the north, via Cape Kolka.

Quintessentially this means: All’s there, which you are looking after. Enjoy! – We know you will!